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Lullabies of the World Unite!


Ally, bally, ally bally bee,
Sittin' on yer mammy's knee.
Greetin' for anither bawbee,
Tae buy mair Coulter's candy.

Poor wee Jeannie's lookin' affa thin,
A rickle o' banes covered ower wi' skin,
Noo she's gettin' a double chin
Wi' sookin' Coulter's Candy.

Mammy gie me ma thrifty doon,
Here's auld Coulter comin' roon.
Wi' a basket on his croon
Selling Coulter's Candy.

When you grow up a man tae be,
You’ll work hard and you'll go to sea,
Makin' pennies for your daddy and me,
Tae buy mair Coulter's Candy.

Rock a bye baby, on the tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

Rock a bye baby, your cradle is green.
Father's a king and mother's a queen.
Sister's a lady, wears a gold ring.
And brother's a drummer, drums for the king.

Baby is drowsing, cozy and fair.
Mother sits near in her rocking chair.
Forward and back, the cradle she swings.
And though baby sleeps, he hears what she sings.

From the high rooftops, down to the sea.
No one's as dear as baby to me.
Wee little fingers, eyes wide and bright.
Now sound asleep until morning light.

Fai la ninna, fai la nanna,
Con'sto figlio non c'e piu pace.
Fai la ninna, fai la nanna,
Pupo bella della mamma.
Ninna oh, ninna oh.

Lo daremo alla Befana,
Che lo tenghi una settimana.
Lo daremo all'uomo nero,
Che lo tenghi l'anno intero.
Ninna oi, ninna oi.

Fai la ninna, fai la nanna.
Pupo bello della mamma.
L'o daremo alla Befana,
Che pazienza che ci vo.
Ninna oi, ninna oi.

Sleep my little baby,
Give me some peace!
Sleep my little baby,
My beautiful prince.

If we give you to a witch,
She will take you for a week.
If a bogueman will come
For a whole year you are gone.

Sleep my baby,
Sleep my little prince.
The witch will come .
As my patience is gone.

Ложкой снег мешая,
Ночь идет большая.
Что же ты, глупышка, не спишь.
Спят твои соседи, белые медведи.
Спи скорей и ты, малыш.

Мы плывем на льдине.
Как на Бригантине.
По седым, суровым морям.
И всю ночь соседи,
Звездные медведи
Светят дальним кораблям.

Sleep my little baby,
Calm down little baby,
Dream about the stars in the sky.
Dancing with the snow flakes,
Icy crystal cornflakes
To a winter lullaby.

Drifting on an ice flow,
We bears travel so slow
Through the sees where
Where waters run deep.
High above the stars glow,
Glitter in the white snow.
Come the night you fall asleep.

იავნანა ვარდო-ნანა იავ-ნანინაო
აგრე ტკბილად, უდარდელად რამ დაგაძინაო?
დედის მკერდში მიგიგნია შენ ტკბილი ბინაო
იავ-ნანა, ვარდო-ნანა, იავ-ნანინაო!…

პაწაწინა იადონო და ვარდის კონაო,
დღეს ხომ კარგად გაიგონე ჩემი ნანინაო?
და, თუ კარგად გაიგონე, ხომ მოგეწონაო?
იავ-ნანა, ვარდო-ნანა, იავ-ნანინაო!

Violets and roses, sleep my little baby.
You fall asleep so sweet and so carefree.
As you nestle on your mother's chest.
You are my little canary  and a bunch of roses
Do you hear my song, my darling?
And if you do you like it, don’t you?

يالله تنام ريما يالله يجيها النوم
يالله تحب الصلاة يالله تحب الصوم
يالله تجيها العوافي كل يوم بيوم
يالله تنام يالله تنام لادبحلا طير الحمام
روح يا حمام لا تصدق بضحك عا ريما تتنام
ريما ريما الحندقا شعرك أشقر و منقى
و اللي حبك بيبوسك اللي بغضك شو بيترقى
يا بياعي العنب و العنابية قولو لأمي قولو لبيي
خطفوني الغجر من تحت خيمة مجدليي
و التشتشي التشتشي و الخوخ تحت المشمش
و كل ما هب الهوا لأقطف لريما مشمشه
هاي و هاي و هاي لينا دستك لكنك عيرينا
تنغسل تياب ريما و ننشرهن عاليسمينا

Oh Lord! Help Rima sleep,
May she become sleepy,
May she grow to love praying,
And grow to love fasting.
Oh God, make her healthier each day.
May she go to sleep and
I will cook her a delicious pigeon.
Go pigeon bird , don't believe what I am saying,
I just say it so that Rima will sleep.
Rima, Rima, a beautiful rose of the prairies,
You have shining blond hair.
The one who loves you shall kiss,
And the one who hates you will go away.
Oh merchants of grapes,
Tell my mother and my father.
The gypsies have kidnapped me
From below the tent of "Majdaliyyeh"
I will take you on a little trip,
To a place where there are prunes
Under the apricot tree.
And each time the wind blows ,
I will pick an apricot for Rima.
Hey Lina , lend us your kettle and your bowl.
So that we wash the clothes of Rima,
And hang them up on the jasmine tree.


À la claire fontaine
M’en allant promener .
J’ai trouvé l’eau si belle
Que je m’y suis baigné.

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime,
Jamais je ne t'oublierai .

Sous les feuilles d’un chêne,
Je me suis fait sécher.
Sur la plus haute branche,
Un rossignol chantait.

Chante, rossignol, chante, t
Toi qui as le cœur gai.
Tu as le cœur à rire…
Moi je l’ai à pleurer.

J’ai perdu mon amie
Sans l’avoir mérité,
Pour un bouton de rose
Que je lui refusai.

Je voudrais que la rose
Fût encore au rosier,
Et que ma douce amie
Fût encore à m'aimer.

By the clear fountain,
When I went for a walk
I found the water, so clear
I had to bathe in it.

I've loved you for a long time,
I will never forget you .

Under the oak's leaves,
I lay and dried.
On the highest bough,
A nightingale sang.

Sing, nightingale, sing,
You have a joyous heart.
Your heart is for laughter,
Mine is for crying.

I lost my friend,
Whom I didn't deserve,
To a rosebud I kept from her.

I wish the rose would
Still be on the bush,
And my sweet friend
Would still loving me.