Welcome to Lullabies!

We all start life the same, yet we all follow our own unique path. We live in different countries and speak

different languages. We adopt different beliefs and pursue different politics, follow different religions and rejoice in different cultures. But wherever we are , whoever we are, we still share one common language: Music! And the first music most of us heard was our mothers’ lullabies, lulling us safe into sleep. 

''Lullabies of the World, Unite!" brings together languages and music to share the variety of this world with babies and their parents, taking us all back in time, and maybe bringing us a little closer to each other. I have selected twelve lullabies from different countries, one for each month of the year or for each day of Christmas. And this is my present to you all!

Enjoy and spread the word!

Lyubov Pronina  


A cricket sings behind the hearth, calm down my son, fall asleep soon.

Music is the

      universal language...

Ninna Nanna
Baby is crying, giving his mamma no
peace. Hush, the wicked witch is coming.

Rock-a-Bye Baby
The wind rocks the cradle lulling the baby to sleep. What if it falls?

Lullabies of the World Unite!