On this website you will find lullabies in different languages, and the Russian Sverchok as a bonus.  The lullabies are performed in English, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Yiddish, Arabic, Turkish and Yoruba.
​More to come!

I'd like to share these lullabies with you and the rest of the world

Why Lullabies


I would like to dedicate these lullabies to babies born this year: Rosa, Masha, Maya, William Alexander, Josephine,  Thomas, Kira, Polina, Vera and all the other babies in the world!

Lullabies of the World Unite!

About Me


I would like to thank my friends and colleagues without whom this project wouldn’t have taken off: John Selah, John Milner, Anatoly Tyurkin, Maria and Anya Levitov, Daryna Krasnolutska, Helena Bedwell, Taylan Bilgic, Piotr Skolimowski, Zahra Hankir, Scott Alexander Walls, Sam Greene, Chris Kay, Elena Dana, Graf Aloysky,  Sergei Nikitin, Vladimir Todres, Zoya Shilova, Todd Prince. Thank you very much for all your support and guidance!

As a child, I remember listening  to a Russian lullaby by the name of Sverchok (Cricket). Written by a Latvian Poet, the beautiful and heartfelt song is sung by a mother to her son in a romantic film, the Long Road in the Dunes (Долгая дорога в дюнах). The scene in the film when the mother sings this lullaby always made me cry.
​After moving to London I began singing covers, and I just had to record Sverchok. With John Milner on the guitar, I was certain it would work. I then decided to record a few more lullabies in Russian and English. I made these as a gift for my friends and colleagues that have given birth this year. Rock-a-Bye Baby was proposed by a friend, and I recorded it just in time for her daughter's birth.  After that I recorded lullabies in French and Italian. Why not try more languages, I thought.
​The concept is to serenade babies and children and introduce them to the diversity of this world -- from the cradle to adulthood, through music and languages, so to speak. As they grow up, I hope it will encourage them to explore different cultures and learn about tolerance. If you have a lullaby you think I should record please get in touch!  Spread the word!

From Moscow to London with Love of Music

 Singing is my passion. Born in Moscow during the Russian winter, I was brought up as a child listening 
to my parents’ lullabies. I now live and work in London, where I am a City journalist specializing in emerging markets. I love all genres of music

– folk, classical choirs, jazz and rock in particular – and have sung and performed extensively. I have been a member of bands in Moscow and London, as well as a street theater in Venice. Contact: